Michael ‘Venom’ Page openly admits that one of his goals is to compete inside the Octagon before he retires.

During a recent appearance on Michael Bisping’s ‘Believe You Me‘ podcast, Page opened up about his desire to one day join the UFC.

“100%,” Page said when asked if he wanted to join the UFC. “If I’m being honest, when I first started, the only reason I started was to go to the UFC. That was the biggest thing and it’s obviously still one of the biggest shows. Obviously, there’s a lot of shows popping up, but in general, especially when I started, anybody that was getting into MMA, their goal was to get to the UFC and the majority of people are still the same. Yes, I enjoy Bellator and I enjoy where I’m at and I enjoy my success so far. But I definitely feel like I need to touch the UFC at some point and just test myself there as well. There are some great matches to be made over there, so I definitely think in the future, I don’t know when, obviously I’m contracted to being in Bellator and I’ve got some goals I got to achieve there as well, and I feel like I’m close to doing that. But until then, I definitely still see myself going there.” (Transcribed by MyMMANews)

Page’s primary goal is to earn a rematch with Douglas Lima – the only man to ever beat him in MMA. Since knocking out ‘MVP’ in 2019, Lima has gone on to claim the Bellator welterweight title, making a potential rematch bigger than ever before. Page could potentially achieve two of his biggest goals with Bellator in one fight. The 34-year-old is coming off an impressive TKO win over Derek Anderson at Bellator 258, the victory stretched Page’s current win streak to five.

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