Michael Bisping has let rip at Conor McGregor following his alleged attack on an Italian DJ during a family trip to Rome for the Christening of his new son Rian.

Francesco Facchinetti took to social media on Sunday to show off the injuries he sustained in what he says was an unprovoked attack from McGregor. The Italian musician’s wife corroborated his story on Instagram. Fancchinetti plans to sue McGregor for the assault.

Bisping, who has recently had a public falling out with McGregor, was quick to condemn ‘Notorious’ for his most recent skirmish with a member of the public. Just a few weeks ago, McGregor was trying to attack Machine Gun Kelly on the VMA’s red carpet. The former dual-weight UFC champion also infamously punched an old man at a bar in Ireland because he refused his offer of a drink.

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Michael Bisping Is Not A Fan Of “Bully” Conor McGregor

“I’m not a fan of this guy [Conor McGregor] you know? I don’t think anyone is a fan of this guy, you know, and I think that soon he’s going to run out of steam, Bisping said. “The train is going to run out of steam, you know what I mean? It can’t continue like this and one day he’s gonna pick on the wrong person and by the way, the old guy at the bar, Machine Gun Kelly and DJ Francesco Facchinetti, these aren’t tough guys. I’m not trying to sound tough for myself but he’s not starting on me… Francesco Facchinetti looks like he couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag. Machine Gun Kelly looks like the biggest wimp you’ve ever seen in your life and the old guy in the bar is an old guy at the bar. If you’re such a bada**, go and pick on someone your own size because someone not your own size isn’t hard is it? Pick up someone that can fight. You’re a professional fighter. You are supposed to be looking for challenges but what he is essentially turned into right now is a bully you know and no one likes a bully.” (Transcribed by Sportskeeda)

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Do you agree with Michael Bisping? Is Conor McGregor a bully?