Michael Bisping Believes Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal Has One Potential Roadblock

Jorge Masvidal would Diaz
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A fight with Nate Diaz is the kind that Jorge Masvidal has been asking for, but there is one thing that could prevent it from happening according to Michael Bisping.

Masvidal’s stock has risen dramatically since his win over Ben Askren last month, but despite that, it doesn’t look like he’ll get his top two choices in either a title shot or a fight with Conor McGregor. One potential option could be Nate Diaz, who returns after three years this weekend at UFC 241 when he takes on Anthony Pettis.

Bisping believes the magnitude of that matchup is exactly what Masvidal is looking for:

“That would be the level or magnitude of fight that Masvidal’s looking for,” Bisping said on his podcast (via BJ Penn). “Nate Diaz, who I’m referring too. No disrespect to Pettis, great fighter, legendary, former champion, all that good stuff.

But Diaz is the one with the name, right? This weekend’s pay-per-view is probably gonna be a really, really big one. It’s probably gonna sell well. I don’t know how many, but it’s gotta be a lot. It’s gonna spank. If we’re looking at a graph of the latest pay-per-views, this one’s gonna spank for sure. It’s got Diaz on there, DC-Stipe, all the rest of it.”

It’s fair to say that fans would love to see Diaz and Masvidal collide, especially given their personalities and fighting styles. However, Bisping doesn’t think it’ll happen for now.

Instead, the Briton believes a win over Pettis will set up the Stockton native up for a trilogy fight with McGregor:

“If he was to win, yes Masvidal-Diaz, that’s the type of fight that Masvidal’s talking about,” Bisping added. “And I know Diaz likes that type of fights as well. That would be f*cking sick. Diaz vs. Masvidal, amazing.

The only fly in the ointment with that one is that if Diaz wins, he’s probably gonna fight Conor. I reckon that’s the fight. That’ll be the fight. He’s got the comeback fight, the return, all the rest of it. That would be my guess as the only reason why that fight wouldn’t happen.”

Do you agree with Bisping?