McGregor: ‘Let Me Enjoy Dual Titles’ Before Taking One Away


On Nov. 12, Conor McGregor will try to make history and become the first man to hold two UFC titles in different weight classes at the same time when he meets 155-pound champion Eddie Alvarez in the main event of UFC 205.

The one main problem with McGregor aiming to achieve history is that the Irishman has never defend the featherweight title he won in December 2015. ‘The Notorious’ secured the title from Jose Aldo with a devastating 13-second knockout at UFC 194 last year, but has since failed to even fight in the weight class.

When his lightweight title fight versus Alvarez at Madison Square Garden was announced last month, UFC President Dana White made a note of saying that should McGregor win, he would give up one of the title belts, as he could not hold up a division by not defending one of the two titles.

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McGregor brushed the remarks off at the UFC 205 press conference:

“I’m going to wrap one (belt) on one shoulder and I’m going to wrap the other (belt) on the other shoulder and they’re going to need a (expletive) army to come take them belts off me.”

Now, however, McGregor admits that he will give up one of the two titles under one condition.

“Let me see the pictures on publications with a belt on each shoulder first,” he recently told Sports Illustrated by phone. “”Let me go onto the side of that Octagon and raise two world titles, what’s never been done before, before talking about stripping me. Let me get the f—— things, let me do it.

“I’ll always listen to the correct business move and I’ll always do what is the correct move,” he added, “but let me do it and let me go back and look at some pictures of me with two belts and let me embrace it for half-a-day.”

White and McGregor seemed to be at odds regarding the relinquishing of one of the belts, but the Irishman believes the media have played their part in the debacle.

“It’s the media that’s making this,” he said. “Let me look at the historic images we’re going to get on this night, me with these two belts. That’s what everyone should be excited about, this is history.”

McGregor is aware that he would be holding up two divisions should he not give up a belt, but says he wants to accomplish the feat and then enjoy the moment first.

“Everyone wants to see you do good, but not better than them,” he said. “That’s what’s happening here. I’m just looking forward to raising the belts, and doing what has not been done before.

“Don’t be trying to take away the historic moment before I’ve even experienced it.”