Matt Serra Looks Back on Joshua Fabia Altercation in Abu Dhabi

Matt Serra

Former UFC welterweight champion and commentator Matt Serra has spoken out about the story behind his infamous altercation with Joshua Fabia included on Dana White‘s Looking for a Fight show in light of Fabia’s split with former UFC fighter Diego Sanchez.

It all started when Serra and fellow commentator Din Thomas were having breakfast during their stay in Abu Dhabi filming the show with UFC president Dana White. Fabia then confronted Serra and Thomas at their table and roasted them for in his mind; not covering Sanchez honestly and fairly along with other members of the MMA media.

During a recent interview with Din Thomas and RJ Clifford on Sirius XM’s Fight Nation, Serra elaborated on the exchange and roasted Fabia in the process.

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“To have this guy come up to your tab, Din didn’t realize (who he was) either, until he started talking. We thought he worked with the UFC or something,” Serra said.

“Once he started talking, probably around the same time we were like ‘Oh this is that f—king idiot.’ So I’m trying to just be like ‘Yada, yada,’ and that dude, he was planted there. That guy was not leaving any time soon. You had to be kind of rude…as long as he has any kind of platform to talk, he’s just not going to stop… Listen, man, hopefully that guy, soon is going to be nothing but a disturbing memory.”

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Serra’s viral exchange with Fabia was just the start of a series of controversial moments between Fabia, Sanchez, and UFC personalities and officials over the past year. Fabia was also involved with a heated exchange with the UFC broadcast crew during one of Sanchez’s routine pre-fight meetings and was caught on camera participating in an unusual training regimen with Sanchez that included hitting him while he was suspended upside down.

Sanchez recently parted ways with Fabia after two years as his manager, training, and head coach during his time in the UFC. Despite his release from the UFC, he is hoping for a second chance and one more fight with the promotion before he moves on.

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As for Serra, he continues to succeed away from the octagon as a podcast host, jiu-jitsu practitioner, and a coach for the Serra-Longo Fight Team in New York. Serra’s opinions often make news, and this time is no different given the ongoing saga of Sanchez, Fabia, and the UFC brass.

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