Mariya Agapova Kicked Out Of ATT For Drug Use, Threats To Stab

mariya agapova

Maryna Moroz claims that Mariya Agapova was kicked out of American Top Team because she repeatably turned up on drugs and also threatened to stab her teammates on several occasions.

Agapova burst onto the scene in 2020 when she quickly stopped Hannah Cifers in her UFC debut. The Kazakh fighter had her hype train quickly derailed when she suffered one of the biggest upsets in UFC history against Shana Dobson at UFC Vegas 7.

Fans are eagerly anticipating her return to the Octagon but it appears life outside of MMA hasn’t been going to plan as of late. According to her former teammate and fellow UFC fighter, Moroz, Agapova is struggling with a number of personal issues that caused her to switch camps.

“She says, ‘I don’t have money for food, I don’t have this. Oh, help,’” Moroz said in an interview with MMA Vestnik. “She wrecked her car in a drugged state. All in all, a very interesting person… She got kicked out of two gyms, and at American Top Team she threatened the guys, and it was caught on camera. She was under the influence of drugs, she threatened the guys, and she was kicked out of the gym. Because she was threatening to stab and so forth.”

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“Also stalked the wife of a fighter, who is pregnant — she also threatened to stab. In general, the police called her four times already here. She broke the doors… And that’s it — Maria Agapova, the UFC junkie.”

“Many tried to help her get out of the hole into which she kept climbing, climbing,” Moroz claims. “She came to training after the club, after all these drugs … Her pupils were dilated all the time. And when the coach said that I needed to stand in a pair with her, I replied that I could not work with her – she was insane. She behaves inappropriately. She can swing her elbow to hit you, then say ‘Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t understand.’ Just an inadequate person … And yes: she was kicked out of the gym because she behaved inappropriately.”

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Moroz is a near neighbour of Agapova’s and says she is often in trouble with the police.

“Masha lives very close – through the house in my community – and I see her very often,” Moroz said. “She has already crashed two cars, I don’t even know how it could have happened. And very often the police come to her. In a month, the police came four times, and they stood by Masha all the time. I go to the pool, pass by, and there Masha is in handcuffs in a police car”

“Everyone thinks that Masha is so good because Instagram is a picture,” Moroz added. “Nobody knows real life, and that’s what angers me the most. Here, subscribers see that Masha posted a picture from the workout, and they think that she is so cool. So Masha walks around the clubs at night, and then comes to the hall and there can hardly stand on her feet. She is not even able to practice. Only a photo can do.” (Transcribed by Sport-Express)

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