It’s finally here, after months of hype and drawn out anticipation, UFC 200 fight day has arrived. What a crazy night of fights we have to look forward to, as Las Vegas is buzzing and all the talking is very nearly done. In the main event of the evening we have Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt Miesha Tate vs. Amanda Nunes following a highly unexpected mid-week shuffle. It was announced Wednesday (July 6) that ‘Bones’ had failed a drug test and was to be removed from the landmark #200 pay-per-view card.

The heavyweight collision between Mark Hunt and Brock Lesnar was temporarily moved up to the main event slot, before Tate vs. Nunes sent them packing back to the second fiddle fight. So the most historic card in UFC history is lead in to the July 9 spotlight, after an insane fight week packed with three events, by the women’s bantamweight championship bout. Can anyone else smell a trilogy maker with Ronda Rousey here?

Miesha Tate and Amanda Nunes

”Cupcake’ faces a very fierce contender in Amanda Nunes, but does she offer anything more difficult to deal with than Holly Holm? ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ is a world class boxer and kickboxer, and Tate was able to avoid the devastating power and choke Holm out cold at UFC 195. The same could potentially be said about Mark Hunt vs. Brock Lesnar, although the former heavyweight champion is a huge man with explosive power.

‘The Super Samoan’ spoke with Fight Network in a last-minute interview last night, saying he still plans on knocking Lesnar out, even though he feels the drug testing may have been a bit loose around the WWE star:

“He’s a big guy, I’m not even sure how he made 265 pounds. Did they drug test him? He’s a beginner to me, I still plan on knocking him out.”

As usual, Mark Hunt with not a great deal to say, but the knowledge that his powerful fists can do that for him. During her weigh-ins interview with Joe Rogan, Tate declared she plans on removing part of Nunes’ body on fight night, but rest easy, she only meant her heart: