UFC flyweight Mariya Agapova will ‘probably be homeless’ in a week, reveals alarming ‘slavery’ allegations

UFC flyweight standout Mariya Agapova is on the verge of being homeless weeks away from her next fight

Less than a month away from her return to the Octagon, UFC flyweight standout Mariya Agapova revealed that she is on the verge of being homeless.

Taking to social media, ‘Demonslayer’ shared her unfortunate situation, revealing that she was actively looking for shelters and charitable organizations to help keep her off the street. Agapova also touched on some disturbing details surrounding her personal life, claiming that those close to her have attempted to exploit and traffic her.

“In a week, I’ll probably be homeless,” Agapova wrote in a post on her Instagram Stories. “Are you surprised? Not me. This is a classic of my life in America, becoming homeless right before a UFC fight. This is a f*cking classic! Next week I will be looking for a homeless shelter because I don’t trust people anymore. Since I don’t have money for rent, I live wherever I have to. People exploit me, and during this exploitation, they neglect my personal boundaries and my life. Including trying to sell me into sex slavery behind my back.

“Who knows shelters, charitable organizations that are aimed at helping, not exploiting, please write to me.”

UFC flyweight Mariya Agapova

It’s a sad situation for the 14-fight veteran who is scheduled to make her sixth career walk to the Octagon at UFC Denver on July 13. Agapova is expected to square off against Luana Santos at the event.

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Making her promotional debut in 2020, ‘Demonslayer’ won two of her first three fights, besting Hannah Cifers and Sabina Mazo with a couple of first-round rear-naked chokes. However, Agapova has struggled to find the win column as of late, dropping back-to-back fights against Maryna Moroz and Gillian Robertson.

UFC flyweight Mariya Agapova

Mariya Agapova says helping ‘losers’ turned her into one

Ahead of her fight with Robertson, Mariya Agapova said in an interview with Sportskeeda MMA that she was working as a bouncer at a nightclub to make ends meet. She also walked into her fight against ‘The Savage’ sporting a nasty knee injury sustained while training.

Despite knowing she’d need surgery, Agapova went ahead with the fight as she desperately needed the payday.

“It’s still bad and I still need surgery,” she said ahead of the Robertson fight. “So after my fight, I will do the surgery, but my life situation is very bad right now, that’s why I can’t go to surgery before this fight. I work [as a] bouncer right now at the club and no one gives a sh*t about me honestly.

“After I get hurt and my sponsor didn’t want to sign with me, and I just get bouncer work and [I’m] working with [an] injury.”

UFC flyweight Mariya Agapova

During that same interview, Agapova refused to place all the blame on the UFC for her woes, adding that she had chosen to help others out financially — a decision she ended up regretting.

“I get to this point because I helped a couple of losers, I was thinking that I helped making them successful, but no, it doesn’t work like this,” Agapova added. “I become a f*cking loser because I try to help f*cking losers.

UFC flyweight Mariya Agapova