WWE star Logan Paul reveals he dealt with ‘Suidical’ thoughts amid fiasco over alleged CryptoZoo scam

Logan Paul reveals he suffered with suicidal thoughts after fiasco over alleged CryptoZoo scam

Logan Paul claims he began to have had suicidal thoughts after being caught allegedly scamming his fans for millions of dollars. 

If you like it or not, both Paul brothers have managed to embed themselves in the combat sports world. The older, and much less successful fighter of the two, Logan, also has his fingers in many pies – one of which was cryptocurrency. 

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Paul would even come out with some of his own cryptocurrencies, one of which was called ‘Cryptozoo’. Due to his popularity, Paul managed to attract millions of dollar’s worth of investments from his fans

Logan Paul reveals suicidal thoughts amid alleged CryptoZoo scam

YouTuber Coffeezilla would later expose Logan Paul for not following through on his promises which left his fans out of pockets in the tune of millions of dollars, and a class action lawsuit being taken against the American influencer. 

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During and interview with Graham Bensinger, Paul revealed the tough times he faced after being confronted. 

“I had a bit of a mental breakdown one night and I was in a pretty dark spot,” Paul said. “For the first time in my life, I was having suicidal thoughts.

“I’ll never kill myself, ever, but the fact that my brain got to that spot and I’m imaginative and I can see things pretty vividly in my head — ut’s why I like creating videos, I can see the final product before I put it on the screen. I was seeing some dark f****** s****. Some dark s***. I was spiralling. I’m just crying, sobbing.” (H/T MMA Fighting)

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Clarifying his position, Paul claimed he was totally innocent and was just misled by ‘scumbags’.

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“I’m seeing this, I know me, I’m not a scammer,” Paul said. “I would never scam anyone. A, I don’t have to, and also, B, I’m hyper-cognizant that I’m only in the position that I’m in because of my fans.

“I made this game with the purest of intentions, but the people that we put in place to create it — this guy named Eddie [Ibanez] and an advisor we had named Jake [Greenbaum] — both turned out to be lying scumbags.”

Paul is now enjoying a career in WWE — living with relatively no consequences for his alleged actions.

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