Leon Edwards wants Jorge Masvidal to cut down on the trash talking and make a fight between the pair happen.

Edwards has been trying to make a fight with Masvidal come to fruition for a while now. He notably claimed that “Gamebred” turned down a recent fight offer. However, Masvidal and his manager denied getting a contract in the first place, with the former having recent a message for Edwards:

“He’s gotta look at this interview, or people are going to call him and tell him – you’re a f*cking nobody,” Masvidal said. “I run this show, you listen to me. When I say I’m going to kick your f*cking ass, I’ll kick your f*cking ass. I’m gonna get paid now, like I said, 16 years I’ve been chasing this dream of getting the belt. You think I’m going to let some f*cking bug like this guy even slightly throw me off my road, my destiny, towards my greatness towards the belt?

“I’m going to get the belt, and I’m going to eliminate him off the face of the earth. I’m going to wipe the floor with that guy. It’s going to happen, I swear to you it’s going to happen, it’s just not going to be on his terms.”

As it happened, Edwards saw the interview and retorted back:

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“Shut the f*ck up your a p*ssy, you will do nothing your a journey man stop chatting sh*t n let’s make the fight #runjorgerun,” Edwards tweeted.

Do you think we’ll see these two collide next?

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