KSI calls for Ryan Garcia to be pulled from Devin Haney fight: ‘It’s sad watching him have a mental breakdown’

KSI on Ryan Garcia "mental breakdown"

KSI, real name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, has called for Ryan Garcia to be pulled from his upcoming boxing match with Devin Haney following the former interim WBC lightweight champion’s “mental breakdown” in recent weeks.

Garcia has been the subject of multiple headlines, many of them stemming from his increasingly erratic behavior that has fighters, fans, and those close to him genuinely concerned for his well-being. Social media star and part-time boxer KSI suggested that Garcia needs to seek help and should be removed from his title tilt with Haney for the time being.

“Cancel the Ryan Garcia fight and actually get him some help,” KSI wrote on X. “It’s sad watching him have a mental breakdown publicly like this.”

Unfortunately, the chances of Garcia vs. Haney being canceled, or even postponed seem unlikely. However, it does appear that ‘The Flash’ is attempting to refocus on his April 20 boxing match rather than some of the more disturbing content he’s been putting out into the world as of late.

“I Ryan Garcia, will not be speaking or tweeting or writing anything other then My Fight “Boxing” and Sports. All topics of discussion will be discussed after my fight,” Garcia wrote on social media. “5 weeks of focus. You have my word I’m locked in I’ll see you 4-20.”

He followed that up with another post, writing: “As I’ve stated I will only be talking about boxing, let’s see who’s really listening! Ask me any “Boxing” QUESTION? On plane back to go train with Derrick in Dallas. So why not do a Q&A of Boxing and Sports!”

Sean O’Malley Comments on Ryan Garcia’s Downward Spiral

Ryan Garcia’s downward spiral seemingly began with a confusing post that referenced his own death and Satan. He attempted to explain himself in a video two days later but provided little answers. From there, he engaged in a deranged conversation with controversial combat sports figure Andrew Tate, claiming that someone had tied him up in the woods and forced him to watch illegal acts being perpetrated on children.

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His meltdown continued online where he spammed his X account with posts about aliens, Bohemian Grove, and peace in the Middle East.

On Wednesday, UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley attributed Garcia’s behavior to a substance abuse problem telling reporters, “Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.”