Next up on the UFC 262 main card is a women’s flyweight contest between Katlyn Chookagian and Viviane Araujo.

Round 1: A lot of striking early on. Araujo is catching Chookagian with a number of rights. Chookagian is eating them and still very much in this. She threatens with a combo that finishes with a head kick but Araujo dodges it. Both fighters continue to strike but Chookagian is the one with more volume. Araujo level changes and goes for a takedown. Chookagian defends it but is up against the fence. Chookagian lands some knees in defense but Araujo lands some of her own. However, she isn’t able to separate as the round ends. That last sequence may have just edged it for Araujo.

Round 2: Some jabbing from both fighters early on. Araujo gets dropped by a front kick to the body from Chookagian. Chookagian advances but continues her regular pace soon after. Chookagian continues to throw strikes with a front kick followed by a straight right. Araujo is having trouble landing. However, she catches a body kick from Chookagian and manages to take her down. Araujo is on top and looks to have gripped Chookagian with a mounted choke. Araujo transitions to full mount. Chookagian escapes and the fight returns to the feet. Araujo looks to be gassed as Chookagian is picking her apart. The round comes to an end. Chookagian looks to have tapped as per the UFC commentators during the mounted choke. However, on inspection, it appears otherwise.

Round 3: It’s more of the same as far as striking on the feet is concerned. Both fighters are throwing volume but Chookagian is throwing slightly more. However, both fighters aren’t connecting as much. Araujo has considerably slowed down since getting Chookagian to the ground. Chookagian continues to pop Araujo with a left jab. She partially lands a head kick. Araujo’s right eye is starting to swell. Araujo goes for a takedown but Chookagian defends and lands a knee in response. Chookagian connects with a leg kick. Araujo is much more stationery now. Chookagian, meanwhile, has increased the pace further. However, Araujo connects with a right hand. Both of them swing to end the fight.

Official result: Katlyn Chookagian defeats Viviane Araujo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).