Kamaru Usman Is Not Worried By Jorge Masvidal’s Power

Dana White

Although not 100 percent official it looks like Kamaru Usman will defend his welterweight title against Jorge Masvidal in the summer. The champion was talking up the potential fight to media including MMA Fighting over the weekend. Speaking about his future opponent, he says his knockout power is not something he’s really worried about.

“Let’s weigh it out right now. (Jorge) Masvidal’s stand up. Or me standing with Tyron Woodley. Which one is a little more (dangerous)? Tyron Woodley got a little more power. Tyron Woodley can touch you and put you out. I should be worried about Masvidal? He couldn’t knockout Nate Diaz, I should be worried about Masvidal? Come on man.”

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‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ then went on to drag up his opponents high profile losses. Whilst attempting to prove the hype surrounding Masvidal is unjustified, he said.

“This guy fought Damien Maia, what happened? He took an L. He fought ‘Wonderboy, what happened? He took an L. Now it’s crazy to me that he has all this hype, and everyone says ‘oh he’s this striker, he’s this killer, he’s this and that’. It doesn’t matter. I’m going to do me. Imma put him on his ass, Imma beat on him until he wants to quit and if he stands up, I will knock him out if I need too.”

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Despite standing for five rounds with Colby Covington last time out, Usman insists he won’t be doing that against Masvidal. Make no mistake about it he’s going to take this fight to the mat.

“Everyone’s talking about striking. Don’t forget, you’ve got to stand upright to strike. Don’t think I’m not going to take you down. I’m going to take you down, period. There’s no secret to what’s going to happen. I’m going to take you down and I’m going to beat on you until you quit.”

Should Kamaru Usman be worried about Jorge Masvidal’s power?