Jose Aldo Issues Statement Regarding Drug Test Mess

It’s been an odd week for UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, all starting when the Brazilian boss called the cops on an apparently illegal alien. The border jumper in question was a NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission) representative, sent to collect a urine sample from ‘Scarface’ as part of a random dope test. Aldo’s coach apparently grew suspicious that the NSAC rep didn’t have a visa, the police were called and speculation began to mount around the suspect incident.

His UFC 189 opponent, Conor McGregor, was quick to jump at the opportunity to slate Aldo, calling him out for being ‘a weasel”. A recent UFC 189 media day gave the long-time champion a chance to retort, as quoted by

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“This guy came here, I pissed. I did my job, put the thing in the cup and give it to him,” Aldo said. “It was a big mess, and at the same time I had to train. I came here at 10 a.m. and he was already waiting for me. I came back the next day and thank god it finally happened. I pissed again. This guy saw me more naked more than my wife. Man, two days in a row. But everything went fine.

“I’m an athlete and they want to prove anything, so I went there and did everything right, everything I had to do. If they come here again, they know where to find me. They have my address, gym’s address, they know where I am. I gave them all my information, my phone number. They can come here if they want.”

“I will answer (Conor McGregor) in there,” he said. “He can say whatever he wants. He can try anything he wants. In there, when we are face to face, I will answer him. He will see what he got himself into.”

Aldo’s coach Andre Pederneiras says that the Irish ‘Notorious’ one has no idea what he’s talking about, and his claim to have been drug tested on May 23rd makes no sense:

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“Everything McGregor says is to get attention from the media,” “Dede” said. “He didn’t even know what was going on here and talked about it. But he said he was tested on May 23, the day of Vitor’s fight with Weidman, but if you look at his Twitter and social media, you won’t see him talking anything about being tested. For a guy that loves to talk about himself, not talking about being tested in an event that important is weird.”

Any controversial events involving drug tests are going to be scrutinized so much more now that guys like Anderson Silva have started to get popped for steroids. Is Jose Aldo another legend that will go down in a PED (performance enhancing drug) related controversy, or is this just another big misunderstanding?