Jorge Masvidal: Colby Covington Is In ‘Witness Protection Program’

Masvidal Covington

Jorge Masvidal revealed he hasn’t seen much of Colby Covington at American Top Team (ATT) lately.

Over the last few months, tensions started to rise between Covington and Masvidal as they trash talked each other, especially with the former roommates and friends both training at ATT.

To make matters worse for the former, he also had beef with Dustin Poirier — also training at ATT — who claimed things would be on sight if they saw each other in the gym following comments Covington made about him.

Since then, Covington would lose his welterweight title fight with Kamaru Usman at UFC 245 last month following a fifth-round TKO. “Chaos” notably broke his jaw during the fight much to the delight of everyone he has ticked off over the past few years.

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And when asked by Ariel Helwani on Monday if he has seen Covington at ATT lately, Masvidal responded by revealing some locker room talk with Poirier:

“[Poirier asks] ‘Yo man, where’s Colby?’ I go ‘Bro, don’t even worry about it. He’s on witness protection program. When you see this dude, you can’t even touch him.’ … ‘I don’t know if Trump has hired them or something but he [Covington] has secret service with him.’ So it’s nuts. You can’t even look at the guy’s direction. He’s got too many people on his side.

“DP was thinking he could get to at least talk to him man to man. But nah, that dude [Covington] don’t go to the gym man. He’s a punk and he got [broken jaw] what he deserved.”

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What do you make of Masvidal’s comments?