Jon Jones Tells Anthony Smith To Buy A Gun To Protect His Family

Jon Jones
@JonnyJones - Instagram

Jon Jones has doubled down after receiving backlash for his comments in the aftermath of Anthony Smith’s home invasion.

A former opponent of Jones, Smith told Ariel Helwani about how his house was broken into in the middle of the night. ‘Lionheart’ proceeded to get into “one of the toughest” fights of his life with the intruder who was later revealed to be Luke Haberman  – a standout wrestler in his high school years.

Upon hearing the story Jones took to Twitter to react. The light-heavyweight champion said he’s glad Smith and his family are ok but also threw a dig at his former foe in the process – check out the tweet below.

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Smith went after Jones while addressing the tweet on MMA on Sirius XM, he said.

“Jon did kind of reach out and Tweeted about my whole situation,” Smith began. “It said something like ‘glad Anthony is ok, that guy wouldn’t have walked out of my house.’ So it’s like, what a perfect moment to flex, Jon. In the middle of a disaster like that in my home. What a perfect opportunity to flex how goddamn cool you are. Just when you thought ‘that’s pretty admirable of Jon Jones to reach out well-wish me,’ then as you continue reading you’re like ‘oh that’s right, I forgot you’re still a f**king douchebag.’

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“It’s just his opportunity to insert himself and make sure everyone knows how cool and bad ass he is,” Smith continued. “You know, for a second, I thought I was going to have to respond and say ‘hey thanks man, I appreciate it,’ and then you continue reading and you’re like ‘just for a second I thought you were human and you have a soul, and then I realize you’re the same piece of s**t that you’ve always been.’”

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Jones doesn’t seem to think he’s done anything wrong. He again took to Twitter last night to give Smith some advice in regards to protecting his family, in the now-deleted tweet he wrote.

“Anthony If you’re going to leave your garage door open all night, hurry up and by the family a gun, some mace or something. A douche bag more like me could’ve completely had his way with you all night, that could’ve been bad for everyone.”

What do you make of the latest comments from Jon Jones on Anthony Smith’s home invasion?