John Cena Feels Conor McGregor in WWE Would Be a Perfect Match

Conor McGregor John Cena
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Conor McGregor may be still in the physical prime of his MMA career, but WWE legend John Cena thinks that McGregor might want to consider his post-fighting options and pursue a potential career in professional wrestling.

McGregor is still in the middle of his recovery from the devastating leg injury he suffered at UFC 264 and is hoping to make a return to the octagon sometime next year. His return fight could potentially be a fourth fight with Dustin Poirier or could be the trilogy with UFC fan favorite Nate Diaz.

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Despite his current challenges in the octagon, Cena still believes that McGregor would be a perfect fit in professional wrestling’s premier stage.

“It’s entertainment. You have to buy into that reality. If you don’t believe you’re a piece of that world we’re in or your opponent is a piece of that world, it doesn’t work,” Cena said during a recent interview on The Dan Patrick Show (H/T MMA News). “[Conor] McGregor comes along with a wonderful personality and will talk people into the building.”

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“He’d be fantastic. He is what we do. At my core, I’m a fan. He’s interesting and has a gravity about him. I want to see him perform.”

Cena first joined WWE back in 2001 and has catapulted his career into one of the most famous professional wrestlers in the world. Cena has had multiple title reigns during his career and still competes in WWE on a part-time basis.

McGregor is easily the biggest superstar that the UFC has ever had, mostly due to his brash persona and past knockouts in the octagon against the likes of Eddie Alvarez and Jose Aldo. McGregor has entertained the MMA community for years going back to his time competing in Cage Warriors.

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Cena may be on to something here and despite McGregor’s past criticisms of WWE, he may have a future career in entertainment after his MMA career. He has two fights remaining on his UFC career, and his combat sports future beyond that remains unclear.

Do you think Conor McGregor would be a good addition to WWE?