After hearing Joe Rogan’s comments during UFC 194, it’s really no surprise that he’s talking about Jose Aldo doing steroids, again…

Former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo had a pretty rough ride at UFC 194. He came in to the title unification match as a slight underdog, with the promotion and Reebok pretty much breathing down his neck, and put in the worst performance of his career so far. For the Brazilian it was just about as bad as it could have turned out, and now he’s left with a lot of choices to make.

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On top of all this, a rather controversial clip did the rounds in the days after UFC 194, where Joe Rogan can be heard commentating on Aldo’s ‘soft’ physique. Here’s the video.

Rogan: Look how smooth his body looks.
Producer 1: Yeah, he looks good, huh Joe?
Rogan: No, he looks soft.
Producer 1: Oh he does?
Rogan: Yeah, he looks soft.
Producer 2: I agree Joe, I agree.
Producer 1: Around the middle you’re saying?
Producer 2: Yep, yep, he looks soft.
Rogan: He looks deflated.
Producer 2: He looks soft, actually. You’re right.
Rogan: He looks way different. But it could be that he’s done a lot of cardio. Don’t want to jump to conclusions. (producers talking about technical shit here, losing signal etc)
Producer 1: Who do you like Joe?
Rogan: Right now? I think I like Conor.
Producer 1: Same here.
Rogan: Aldo looks nervous as fuck too.

Quite clearly the UFC color commentator feels there’s something a little off about Jose Aldo’s physique, but we didn’t really get an in depth explanation as to why exactly he felt that way. Until now.

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UFC 179: Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo Octagon Interviews - YouTube

During his most recent episode of the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast, the UFC commentator and his buddy Brendan Schaub don’t pull any punches about Aldo’s physique:

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“They tried to test Aldo in camp, and Aldo’s people had the cops pulled on these people, they wanted to get them kicked out of the country. They were trying to deport them out of the country,” Rogan brought to mind, and added one more very interesting detail to the story. “Then when they finally did give them a urine sample, he tripped and spilled his piss. That’s insane. I never tripped and spilled piss in my entire career, and I pissed in cups all the time.”


“you’re batsh*t crazy if you don’t think Jose Aldo’s body looked different. You’re batsh*t crazy if you think he’s gonna fight the same. […] His camp, I think, is 1-7, 0-8 since this drug testing came out. So you’re talking about a different fighter man.”

The drug test that Rogan is referring to came in the midst of Aldo and McGregor’s original booking at UFC 189. The long and short of it is just how Rogan explained it, and the happening was soon overshadowed by the fact Jose was unable to fight on July 11 because of an injured rib.

Is there something we are missing here?

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Thanks to MMAJunkie for the report:

According to Guinty’s statement, the NSAC authorized Mosier, a highly experienced sample collector, to perform an out-of-competition test in conjunction with a local doping control officer. Mosier’s Brazilian visa, he wrote, made it clear he would be performing drug tests in the country. A “high-ranking anti-doping official” in Brazil then arranged for the local officer to accompany him, according to the report.

Mosier set up the test for June 11 after he initially was unable to reach Aldo on June 10. According to the statement, Aldo was “very cooperative” during the test. But then an unidentified coach halted the collection until Aldo’s head coach, Andre Pederneiras, arrived at the gym. Pederneiras then contacted the Brazilian Athletic Commission.

UFC 142: Aldo v Mendes - Open Workouts

From there, the process quickly unraveled. Guinty wrote that an unnamed federal police officer training at the gym confiscated Mosier’s passport, claiming he had an incorrect visa, and “detained” the collector at the gym.

“While detaining Mosier, the federal police officer relayed a story of being detained in the United States when returning to Brazil following a previous fight,” Guinty’s statement read. “The officer claimed to Mosier that he was detained by law enforcement officials for 24 hours and was treated poorly, noting that he was treating Ben Mosier in a more pleasant manner.

“The officer made it a point to advise that this detainment was not revenge for his past detainment, and he had the right to transport Ben to a local detention facility for processing.”

According to the statement, the local doping control officer enlisted by DFS showed up on scene and clashed with Brazilian commission rep Cristiano Sampaio.

Aldo and Barao

“The local Brazilian DCO (doping control officer) … indicated to Ben Mosier that he had done nothing wrong and was authorized to conduct the test. Sampaio refused to let the local DCO (or Mosier) proceed with any testing despite their employment as a local doping control officer. It was reported only a Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission DCO would be allowed to collect the sample.”

By then, Guinty wrote, Aldo’s urine sample had to be discarded because he and Mosier lost contact with it.

MMA: UFC 169-Aldo vs Lamas

After more threats from the federal officer, immigration officials showed up and ruled Mosier was permitted to participate in a rescheduled test on June 12.

According to Mosier, Aldo took the test, but not without complications. He arrived at the gym late, reportedly because he was at the U.S. embassy to obtain a visa for UFC 189, and dropped the first sample before giving a second one. Sampaio, who was there to oversee the test, reportedly changed the cutoff for shipping the sample without explanation.

Then, Guinty wrote, “upon completion of the testing event, the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (doping collection officer) requested an autograph from Jose Aldo in a magazine he had brought to the collection event and to take a picture with Jose Aldo; both requests were granted.”

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