Joe Rogan Believes Khabib vs. Floyd Mayweather Will Do Big PPV Business

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Joe Rogan believes a fight between Boxing Legend Floyd Mayweather and UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov will do big business. In fact, he’ll throw out a guaranteed minimum PPV buyrate.

The longtime UFC color commentator talked about this fight during he most recent edition of his Joe Rogan Experience Fight Companion podcast. He made it known to Eddie Bravo and Brendan Schaub that he’d like for Khabib to stay with MMA.

“I think it’s a terrible move for [Khabib] to fight Floyd,” said Rogan (H/T to MMA Fighting). “Floyd is the best boxer, maybe of our era, maybe of all time. He’s undefeated.”

In the meantime, Nurmagomedov could be facing a long suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) due to his actions at UFC 229. Although Khabib is currently the best fighter in the lightweight division, Rogan thinks that Khabib would get “battered” by Mayweather in a fight.

“I think if Khabib stepped in and tried to fight Floyd right now, right now, if they tried to set it up in two months, I guarantee you it would sell at least a million PPV buys,” said Rogan. “A million. It does a million.

“Here’s the thing, who was Floyd’s – was it [Manny] Pacquiao and then [Andre Berto] and then retired, right? And [Manny] Pacquiao got the giant, most PPV numbers ever, but then [Andre Berto], if I’m correct, only got a few hundred thousand, like 300,000 PPV buys. . .

“So he fights Andre Berto, that only gets like 350,000 or something like that, then he fights Conor and it’s millions of PPVs, if he fought Khabib, it would still be better than fighting any of those other guys.”

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