Jeremy Stephens compares himself to real-life serial killers: “I’ve got that thirst, those urges. Like a Dahmer, a Bundy.”

Jeremy Stephens, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy

Jeremy Stephens feels more violent since his first win in the PFL. The 36-year-old has compared himself to several serial killers on and off the screen. 

During an interview with MMA Junkie, Stephens explained his violent mentality in which he is more brutal than ever before.

While doing so, he mentioned a few fictional and non-fictional characters who are known for their violent acts. 

I’m probably more of, like, a serial killer than anything. Yeah, Dexter, that sounds good. Like, I’ve got that thirst, those urges. Like a Dahmer, a Bundy. I’m not highlighting these guys, like what they did was sick… Something like that. I have a thirst that I have to satisfy,” Stephens said.

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No disrespect, but I feel like a goddamn serial killer that needs to kill. That might sound a little bit weird, but there’s something about that adrenaline, that feeling, that power. It’s a blood-quenching thirst that I need.” (h/t

While Dexter is a fictional character, Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy are two real-life serial killers, who committed violent acts against several victims. Their actions led to their eventual arrests. Netflix developed two separate shows about the two men. 

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Jeremy Stephens Is Looking For His Second Win In The PFL

Stephens ended his 14-year UFC run with 5 losses and 1 no-contest. He faced many prominent names such as Charles Oliveira, Max Holloway, Donald Cerrone and José Aldo. 

After losing in his PFL debut, he got back in the win column with a split decision victory over Myles Price this past June. He is scheduled to face Nathen Schulte at PFL 10 on Nov. 25. With a win, Stephens will be on track to potentially win the PFL $1 Million prize.