Jake Paul has shown off a brand new custom-made AR-15 via his Instagram.

The post was a highlight reel of Paul showing off all the things he had done after beating Tyron Woodley by split decision. The custom gun has ‘Gotcha Hat’ and ‘Jake Paul’ on it. The ‘Gotcha Hat’ is Paul’s favorite move that he uses to try and embarrass his opposition. Originated when he took Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather’s hat at the Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather press conference. He also tried grabbing Woodley’s hat at their face off as well, but was unable to grab it and almost started a brawl.

This childish tactic had repercussions as Paul took a few lumps from Mayweather and if you listen closely you can hear ‘Money’s fist hit ‘The Problem Child’s face. Paul’s victory tour over Woodley also included partying with up and coming star Sean O’Malley as well (this can be seen in the 4th slide of Paul’s Instagram post).

The post was rounded out by a screenshot of as tweet saying “Jake Paul is what boxing needs”, due to his ability to get big names to watch his fights. Love Paul or hate him it has to be said that he does make a lot of money for the promotions. He also gets a ton of eyes on his fights and seems to be up for challenges.

Whether or not Paul will fight again is yet to be seen as he has flip flopped back and forth between retirement. One thing for certain is, he has had a lot of fun before, during, and after the fight. ‘The Problem child’ for sure knows how to live it up.

Do you enjoy Jake Paul’s antics? Would you like to see him fight again?

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