Hard Knocks: 10 Fighters That Define Toughness

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The men and women of MMA are tough, that’s a given. Realistically, you couldn’t fight if you weren’t tough to some degree, right? Eventually, as a fighter, you’re going to get hit and you’re going to have to fight through it if you want to win- and everyone wants to win – otherwise, what’s the point?

Well among the sea of professional fighters that want to win, there are a select few that want it just a little more than the others. These fighters are willing to do what others won’t and can take what others can’t. They’ve been labeled as too many things to list, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s just call them tough.

The text book definition of tough is “strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough or careless handling” or “involving considerable difficulty or hardship; requiring great determination or effort“. Now those descriptions are nice, but they don’t do it justice. To really capture the grit that these pugilists represent, we have selected 10 fighters that physically embody the term itself. These fighters push through the pain like no other and have left us occasionally shocked, sometimes speechless and always inspired.

These are the human beings that can rally back after all hope appears lost. They have that extra gear that most are not built with that takes them to the finish. The effort is not always a winning one, but they give it all they have and don’t give in to the demands of their body to quit. These fighters have minds constructed of greatness, with the ability to push past physical boundaries and run on nothing but fumes and the desire to get their hand raised. The criteria for this list? Super human level resilience, nothing less.

These athletes are in no particular order.