GSP vs Nick Diaz Fantasy Fight Breakdown

My Welterweight Fantasy Fight Georges Rush St.Pierre vs. Nick Diaz

Georges Rush St.Pierre (20-2) vs. Nick Diaz (22-7-1 NC)

The welterweight king Georges St.Pierre and UFC welterweight champion, and one of the world’s top p4p fighters seems unstoppable in his division dominating all challengers with his superior wrestling.  It appears that no one in the UFC has the tools to beat GSP, but I believe that the man with the best shot with beating GSP resides in Strikeforce, and is the Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz.  A matchup we may see in the future if Nick Diaz can get back into the UFC.

Georges St.Pierre born May 19, 1981 in Quebec, Canada started leaning Kyokushin karate to defend himself against bullies in school that would steal his clothes, and lunch money. Before devoting to fighting GSP worked as a bouncer, and a garbageman.  Once GSP’s sensei died he took up wrestling, BJJ, and trained boxing.  GSP trained under Renzo Gracie up to his brown belt in BJJ, and achieved his black belt under Bruno Fernandez.  GSP now trains out of Greg Jacksons Submission Fighting Gaidojutso School in New Mexico.

GSP’s first amateur fight took place when he was only 16, he won by KO.  He made his pro debut against Ivan Menjivan winning via TKO.

GSP has held the following titles TKO Canadian welterweight championship

 UFC interim welterweight championship

UFC welterweight championship (2)

He holds notable wins over Thomas Denny, Pete Spratt, Karo Parisyan, Jay Hieron,  Jason Miller, Frank Trigg, Sean Sherk, BJ Penn (2), Matt hughes, Josh Koscheck, Matt Serra, Jon Fitch, Thiago Alves, Dan Hardy.

Nick Diaz was born on August 2nd 1983 in Stockton, California. Nick also had a rough child hood involving bullies, gangs, and growing up without his biological father.  He dropped out of high school as a freshman.  Diaz began training under Cesar Gracie when he was a teenager, and holds a black belt under Cesar Gracie, and is very accomplished with gi, and non gi jiu-jitsu.  Nick holds major titles in BJJ such as US purple belt open in 2004, American brown belt medium weight division title in 2005.  Nick is well known for being one of the best to incorporate no gi BJJ into his mma performances.  Nick is also a professional boxer who fights at super middleweight. He is being trained but former WBA, and WBC world champion Luisito Espinosa, and also Olympic Boxing Gold Medalist Andre Ward.  Nick has competed in over 100 triathlons which he attributes for his high level of endurance.

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Nick is a veteran of the UFC, Pride FC, Elite XC, WEC, and IFC

Nick has held the following titles

Current Strikeforce welter weight champion

WEC welterweight champion

IFC welterweight champion


 Nick hold notable victories over Chris Lytle, Jeremy Jackson (2) Robbie Lawler, Drew Ficket, Josh Neer, Gleison Tibau, Mike Aina, Takanori Gomi via submission (fight was ruled no contest due to Diaz testing positive of marijuana), Thomas Denny, Frank Shamrock, Scott Smith, Marius Zaromskis, and Hayato Sakurai.

The Keys for George St.Pierre winning this fight will be to use his well renowned foot work to get in and out landing his combinations, and kicks to try to slow Diaz down, and keep Diaz out of range.  Ideally GSP best strategy would be to take Nick Diaz down, and inflict as much damage on the ground as possible.  He should be careful not to leave himself exposed for submission attempts.  It is very unlikely that he will finish Nick being that Nick was only TKO once early in his mma career and Nick has also never been submitted.  So going for a submission and possibly giving up a dominant position is not worth the risk.  Keeping Nick down for all five rounds, and win via Decision.

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The keys for Nick Diaz winning this fight will be to relax and not be worried about where the fight goes.  On his feet the key will be punches in bunches and overwhelm GSP’s striking, not allowing GSP to get set and get comfortable on his feet. The punches should have a cumulative effect and working on a TKO.   Diaz’s barrage of punches will also not allow GSP to gauge Diaz timing by throwing at an un-rhythmic pace.  If Diaz gets taken down he will use his high caliber guard and look endlessly for submission attempts, and sweeps to gain a dominant position, or get to back to his feet.  Diaz can win this fight via TKO, Submission, or Decision

This fight is a fight that a lot of fans would love to see, and I believe Diaz posses the unique combination of Striking, and BJJ that will trump GSP’s strengths, and take most of GSP advantages away that he usually enjoys in his other fights.  Diaz will fight where ever the fight goes, if GSP chooses to stand Nick will overwhelm him and outpoint him every round.  If GSP takes him to the ground there is a high risk of GSP being caught in a submission, which may make GSP reluctant to go to the ground.  GSP will have to come in with an alien game plan from his normal style, and I believe will tip the scales in Diaz favor.

Prediction: in order of most likely Diaz via decision, submission, TKO.