Tankanori Gomi holds an impressive record of 31-5 which include notable fighters like: Aurelio, Sakurai, Azeredo, Pulver and Kawajiri. He is the former Pride Lightweight Champion and also, holds the fastest knockout in Pride FC history. Gomi will be making his long awaited debut in the UFC, where he will be facing Kenny Florian at UFC: Fight Night on March 31. There are many differences in fighting in Pride and UFC, Gomi gives his thoughts on some of them.

When asked about the difference in the overall atmosphere between UFC and Pride, Gomi had this to say:

First time in Octagon with new rules so there is some concern with that aspect but he is fine.

When asked about what motivated Gomi into coming to the UFC, he had this to say;

He has more than 30 fights and is still looking for a challenge and the UFC was the logical choice. He wants to eventually become a champion in the UFC.

The biggest concern Gomi has is adapting to the elbow rule:

Adapting to the use of elbows will be the biggest concern.

Lastly, Gomi talks about what kind of strategy he expects Florian to bring to the fight:

He is predicting very strong kicks and punches from Florian and excellent defense so that is what he is preparing for.

Gomi will try to make a successful debut in the UFC and will eventually be looking to revenge one of his five losses by beating Bj Penn.