Gina Carano: If The Circumstances Were Right I Would Come Back To MMA


There’s been a lot of talk in the last couple of weeks about Strikeforce’s former featherweight champion Gina Carano making a return back to the cage.

The talk all came around when the UFC’s color commentator Joe Rogan revealed there would be a “huge announcement” coming surrounding bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey’s next opponent.

Carano was one of the names tossed around for a potential opponent for “Rowdy” but with the former champion having been inactive since 2009 it seemed very unlikely. However, last week the talk heated up yet again, almost reaching boiling point when Rousey said she would be willing to move up a weight class to fight the movie star.

Throughout all of the drama, Carano herself has remained incredibly quiet about the situation but she opened up about what’s been going on recently in an interview with FoxSports. The former champion said she hasn’t yet officially retired and would consider a return if the circumstances were right:

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“I don’t mind it at all. I’ve never retired. I’ve never officially said that,” says Carano. “For some reason a part of me has always kept it open. I don’t know, there’s a certain part of me that thinks if circumstances were right, and I could keep doing what I’m trying to make my future into, that’s an ideal world. If circumstances were right, you never know. I’m very open to it.

I feel like I can’t say too much. I’ve got all this information that if I could just speak freely, this is actually what’s going on,” Carano teased. “I wish I could open up my mind and tell you exactly the things that I’ve seen and the conversations that I’ve had, but I think to sum it up in a nice, safe way for me is if circumstances were right, and if it’s a good enough circumstance (I would come back) because my first love is MMA.

Of course I haven’t trained for a fight in a long time so it gets kind of interesting when these rumors start coming up. But if I ever did do something like that, I would want the circumstances to be correct and right.”

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Carano has been making waves in Hollywood since she stepped away from MMA and has appeared in a number of high profile films. If she was to return for a bout with the women’s champion it would certainty be a huge event.

“Rowdy” has also been having success recently in acting but unlike “Crush” she is making movies while fighting at the same time. According to Carano, if she was to come back it would require her full dedication to the sport

“I’m more of a fan of MMA now than I’ve ever been. I’m saying if the circumstance was right, I’d definitely consider it. If the circumstances were right.”

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Would you like to see Carano take on Rousey?