Georges St-Pierre Explains How Failure Made Him Great

Georges St-Pierre

UFC Hall of Famer Georges St-Pierre is universally considered one of the greatest mixed martial arts fighters ever. The Canadian beat every man he fought during his 28-fight career, losing just twice before avenging those defeats in rematches.

St-Pierre is one of a few UFC fighters to hold titles at two different weight classes. The 39-year-old was a long-time champion at welterweight before stepping up to win the middleweight title against Michael Bisping in 2017. He hasn’t fought since but is believed to be open to fighting once again if the right opponent presents himself. ‘GSP’ has been frequently linked to a fight with undefeated lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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‘GSP’ took to social media yesterday (June 21) to deliver a powerful message about how failure has helped him become one of the greatest fighters of all-time, he said.

“I have had an incredible journey as a professional athlete. It all started much differently than it ends. Did you know that I lost more than half of my fights against the school bullies? I never won gold in point karate competition. When I had my first jiu-jitsu class I got tapped out five times in five minutes by a guy that I outweighed by like 30lbs. It broke me mentally so badly that at the time I wanted to quit everything right there on the spot. In my first wrestling competition in the United States, I got pinned in less than a minute in my first match. It really sucks to lose sometimes. Some experience can be taught, others need to be lived in order to improve. And I learned in my life for me that failure was my greatest teacher of all. Have a good weekend.” (Transcribed by

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Where does Canadian MMA legend Georges St-Pierre rank on your list of greatest fighters ever?