Five Reasons GSP is the Greatest Welterweight of All Time

In ten days time, Georges St. Pierre steps into the cage against opposing Ultimate Fighter coach Josh Koscheck, with his Welterweight strap the prize. The man LowKick users currently have ranked as the Number 1 Pound for Pound fighter in the world will look to extend his current win streak to 8 straight wins, a career record for “Rush”. Despite only being ages just 29. While already people mention GSP’s name among legends such as Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture or Royce Gracie, I’d like to go one step further and declare St. Pierre the Greatest Mixed Martial Artist of all time, and present 5 reasons just why he is the best fighter to ever step into a fight.

1. Skills

As far as skill sets go, there are few as well rounded or as technically skilled as GSP. Despite many misconceptions due to the quality of his wrestling game, GSP only started wrestling AFTER he left college, something that surely makes one of the most feared double leg takedowns in the business even more impressive. His wrestling is so good, he has his sights set on a future spot on the Canadian Olympic Wrestling team. As well as this, he received his Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu in 2008, under Bruno Fernandes. Despite already proving himself to be a feared opponent, he also trains with Muay Thai legend Phil Nurse and Boxing phenom Freddie Roach, all the while basing himself under Greg Jackson‘s expert tutelage in New Mexico, surrounded by exceptional training partners, as his skills look set to evolve even further.

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2. The level of opponents he has defeated

To really bring this point home, it’s worth looking through the list of opponents GSP has gotten the better of inside the cage. Karo Parysian, Jay Heiron, Jason Miller, Sean Sherk, BJ Penn (x2), Matt Hughes (x2), Matt Serra, Jon Fitch, Thiago Alves, Dan Hardy and already Josh Koscheck. It reads like a who’s who’s list of the top Welterweights. Perhaps however the most impressive thing about each win is how totally ordinary he made each fighter look during their encounter. Whether it was taking wrestling standouts Matt Hughes or Jon Fitch at will, or totally outstriking feared Knockout artist Thiago Alves, quite simply GSP dominates anyone he gets put in the cage against.

3. Return from defeat against Matt Serra

Currently holding a seriously impressive record of 20-2, GSP has tasted defeat just twice in his career, once early in his career to Hall of Famer Matt Hughes, and again in the complete shock upset against Matt Serra. The first fight against Hughes marked only GSP’s 8th pro fight. The future champ was just 23 years old when he gave Hughes a serious run for his money, before succumbing to an arm bar with just a second left in the round. After his first career loss, he came back to win his next 6 fights before getting his rematch against Hughes, this time taking the belt from him. After he won the title,  his bout against Serra followed. GSP admits he underestimated the New Yorker, who caught him with a fluke right hand felt the world over. As well as this, GSP later cited the death of a close cousin, as well as the serious illness of his father as a major distraction ahead of the fight. Immediately after the fight, he changed his training team, joining Greg Jackson. He would go on to win his next 7, with an eye on making it 8 in his next fight.

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4. Personallity

It’s much easier to start this off with a quote from the man himself:

“I am not a fighter, I am a Mixed Martial Artist”

Perhaps his best know quote, GSP is always known for his attitude and the respect he shows to all opponents. While some fighters may be known for getting into trouble outside of the cage, never once has any negative story about Rush broken to the press. The man exemplifies cool, seeming to only alternate between his training gear and his Armani suits. Not only this, but given how ell he carries himself in public, the guy is a role model for anyone. He is the perfect “poster boy” for the UFC, compared to guys like Brock Lesnar or Anderson Silva.

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5. Dedication to the Sport

GSP is the very image of what a Mixed Martial Artist should be, and is a clear ambassador for the sport. Currently, GSP is the face of such huge brands like Gatorade, Under Armour and SportsCenter, taking MMA places it was previously unable to go. As a true ambassador to the sport, he represents MMA where ever he goes, showing his passion and dedication for the sport, as he helps it grow. Even most recently, GSP visited the Phillipines as a spokesman for the UFC, gving the company publicity they could only have previously dreamed of.

So when GSP and Koscheck finally do meet on December 11th, rest assured, this wont be a repeat of the Matt Hughes or Matt Serra fight, this will be a repeat of every other Georges St. Pierre fight, where he outclasses his opponent in every aspect of the game, proving once again that he is the #1 Pound for Pound fighter in the world.