Six UFC Career-Changing Left Hooks

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MMA: UFC Fight Night 47-Maynard vs PearsonRoss Pearson vs. Sam Stout

A talented striker with a long list of ‘Fight of the Night’ accolades, Sam Stout was one of the most exciting fighters in the sport, while active. Peers have stated, however, that following the passing of his legendary trainer Shawn Thompkins, Stout was never quite the same.

That held true towards the end of Stout’s career, as he hit a three fight skid that ultimately led to his retirement in 2015. Although the knockout in question did not end his career on it’s own, it was arguably the most devastating of his last three losses. Stout finished his career at age 32 with a total of 20 fights inside the UFC.

Pearson, meanwhile, found mixed success in the deepest division in the UFC, going 2-2 since the knockout win over Stout. Pearson is expected to face former Bellator lightweight champion Will Brooks at The Ultimate Fighter 23 Finale this July in Las Vegas.

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