World’s strongest man Eddie Hall destroys Neffati Brothers in insane 2-on-1 freakshow fight

World's strongest man Eddie Hall destroys Neffati Brothers in insane 2-on-1 freakshow fight

Eddie Hall scored an absolutely brutal knockout during a bizarre 2-on-1 handicap match in the UK.

Hall stepped inside the cage at a World Freak Fight League event inside King George’s Hall in Blackburn on Friday night.

Eddie Hall

There, the hulking strongman tipped the scales at more than 365 pounds ahead of fight night, almost twice as much as the combined weight of his opponents, TikTok stars Jamil and Jamel, otherwise known as The Neffati Brothers.

Eddie Hall

The first round was relatively uneventful with the brothers running away the entire time. That continued in the second, prompting the crown to shower all three men with a chorus of boos.

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However, things popped off in the third.

Deciding to try their luck against the big man, the brothers moved in on Hall and immediately paid the price. Hall quickly grabbed one of his opponents and deadlifted him into the air before power-bombing him back down to the canvas. As the brother bounced back up off the mat, Hall landed a vicious right hand, faceplanting him with 30 seconds to go while simultaneously fighting off a takedown attempt from the other brother.

That was all referees needed to see before stepping in and calling for the stoppage.

Eddie Hall’s Viral KO left a lasting effect

In a post-fight interview, the brother who took the nasty right hand revealed that he couldn’t remember anything following the highlight-reel KO.

“It must have been a good punch as I cannot remember anything,” he said. “People were shouting at me from the crowd and I shouted back you come and f****** him, see if you can do it!”

Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall previously fought Thor Bjornsson, best known by Game of Thrones fans as The Mountain, in a fight appropriately dubbed “the heaviest boxing match in history.” Bjornsson won the bout via unanimous decision.

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Eddie Hall