Dustin Poirier Explains Why He Won’t Fight Colby Covington

Dustin Poirier

Dustin Poirier isn’t going to jail, but he says if he and Colby Covington fight they both will be.

The two fighters are former training partners out of American Top Team. However, behind the scenes friction between Covington and others at the gym caused a divide, and “Chaos” left to join MMA Masters. Speaking with The Mac Life Poirier talked about his beef with Covington, and why a UFC fight facing him will never happen.

“I’ll never fight Colby in an octagon where there’s finances on the line… If I fight Colby we’re both going to jail, I’m going to jail. I’m not going to fight him in the octagon, he’s not making money off my career, off what I’ve done. This is something different.” 

When asked about the difference between this beef and the one “The Diamond” had with Conor Mcgregor, Poirier claimed the difference was the money involved. Insinuating that this feud with “Chaos” is much darker.

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A Look At the Dustin Poirier vs Colby Covington Rivalry

It all started in July of 2021 when Colby Covington left ATT on a very bad note. The tension between him and the rest of his teammates (primarily Jorge Masvidal, Dustin Poirier, and Joanna Jędrzejczyk) due to his brash and loud-mouth persona escalated until the point of him basically being asked to leave by the owner Dan Lambert. Here’s what Covington had to say about all this to MMA Fighting:

“A lot of people were sensitive, namely ‘Doufus’ Dustin [Poirier] and ‘Street Judas’ [Jorge] Masvidal… They had feelings. They don’t want to fight me in the cage. They’d rather go cry to Dan Lambert and beg him to protect their precious little feelings cause if they fight me in the cage, they know what’s going to happen. I’m going to tear them limb from limb,” Covington said.

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“The last six months, I’m going into ATT, and Dustin or Jorge are in there, they’re screaming across the [gym]… I’m like let’s go. You want to fight, let’s fight right now. Stop talking this sh*t, creating drama in the gym so they have to make a decision like this or have to do a drastic action. But no, they just want to scream in front of coaches and disrupt all the pro fighters training because they don’t respect Dan and they don’t respect ATT. It’s pathetic.”

After the dust settled from that, Covington would also leak a video of Poirier knocking out an “amateur” sparring partner and “celebrating” after. Most recently, in another interview, “Chaos” wouldn’t hold back when discussing his feud with Poirier, even going so far as to trash-talking the man’s wife and his parenting:

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“…He said it’s ‘on site’ in the media, he said: ‘when I see Colby it’s on site’ so I wanna keep these guys accountable for their street cred. Cause they’re talking all this sh*t in the media, but when it’s time to do business and get in the cage and actually fight they’re nowhere to be found. So, Dustin, you’re a f****** coward, your wife’s a h**… and you’re a piece of sh*t father.”

Has Colby Covington crossed the line, and do you want to see him fight Dustin Poirier in the UFC? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!