Donald Cerrone Has A Message For “King”: One Day I’ll See You Bobby Green

Donald Cerrone training

UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone came under some pretty heavy fire from his new found rival Bobby Green this week; “King” claimed that “Cowboy” had groped female fans in front of their significant others, and also made racist wisecracks while in Green’s presence. The two were originally scheduled to fight at UFC 178, but the fight fell apart when Eddie Alvarez bumped “King” from the card.

With Cerrone welcoming the former Bellator champion to the UFC, and Green still keeping the rivalry alive, Cerrone could be a very busy man over the next year. The former WEC stand out spoke with Sherdog, transcribed by MMAFighting, to respond to Green’s accusations:

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“The things he said, I mean, that was two years ago, groping women? Why hadn’t any of this ever come out? Why wouldn’t a fan have filed a lawsuit or said, ‘Yo, Cowboy’s over here groping my wife!’ Come on. Or racist comments. I have three black guys that live with me so if I was racist I couldn’t even believe I’d let someone like that live with me. It’s just funny to me, but whatever. If the fans want to believe him, go ahead. If you take Bobby Green’s word, a guy who just wants to say dumb comments, whatever. “I’ve got nothing to say to the guy other than, ‘One day, I’ll see you, Bobby Green. Twitter beef to me means nothing, but one day I’ll see you and I know what I’ll do.”

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Although Cerrone flatly denies Greens jibes, it’s clear that the trash talk has got his attention. A future fight between Cerrone and Green needs no back story per se, as it’s a great pairing. The trash talk always makes it that much more interesting though.

Check out the full video interview with Cerrone below, as he discusses Bobby Green and team mate Alistair Overeem, and stay tuned to!