Donald Cerrone Still Plans On Being UFC Champion

Donald Cerrone
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Despite another setback, Donald Cerrone is not giving up on his dream of becoming a UFC champion.

Cerrone suffered his second loss in a row following a first-round TKO defeat to Justin Gaethje at UFC Vancouver last night. It follows his doctor stoppage loss to Tony Ferguson earlier in the summer.

Had “Cowboy” won either of those fights, he would be in a position to challenge Khabib Nurmagomedov for the lightweight title. However, more work needs to be done now but he’s not complaining.

In fact, he’s adamant he will achieve his goal of becoming champion for the promotion:

“I’m gonna get the belt, it’s gonna happen,” he told media after the fight (via Bloody Elbow). “I guess I just stood down a rank a little but I’m gonna come back, I’m gonna train hard, and I’m gonna get it.”

For Cerrone, a UFC belt is the only thing missing from his legacy which is why he doesn’t plan on giving up just yet:

“It’s the last thing I gotta do to my legacy,” he added. “You talk about my legacy and people try to mimic it. Well, you can have the greatest legacy in the world, and if I don’t have a belt, I just fall a little bit short.

“Now, me, reflecting on everything, that’s one thing I want. I don’t think what people think, ‘you deserve this, you’re the people’s champ… And then on the flip side of this, if everyone said ‘you tried so hard and you make it and you never get it, is it gonna crush you?’ No, man, I tried. If it’s something I can teach my boy, I tried.”

Cerrone could bounce back sooner rather than later as he plans on competing as early as December next.

Do you think Cerrone can still be a UFC champion?

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