Donald Cerrone battered and bloodied a tough-as-nails Al Iaquinta in the main event of tonight’s (Sat., May 4, 2019) UFC on ESPN+ 9 from the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It was a victory so impressive, it’s no surprise Cerrone calls out Conor McGregor afterward.

The decisive five-round win (watch full highlights here) put previous No. 8 “Cowboy” in the driver’s seat in the stacked lightweight division. He outclassed No. 4 “Ragin'” Al with an accurate, varied mix of jabs, low kicks, knees, and stifling range management. The record-setting veteran is now set for a huge fight, and he wants that to be a title shot.

But then again, there’s his oft-rumored fight with megastar McGregor – a fight that “Cowboy” admitted was essentially dead this week. But he doesn’t seem one hundred percent ready to give up just yet. After his solid victory over Iaquinta, ‘Cowboy’ made the most of his post-fight interview by calling out McGregor (via UFC on Twitter):

“I want the title, whatever that means, man. Unless, Conor McGregor, you wanna fight me in July. Fourth of July, let’s do it!”

Cerrone kept it up at the ESPN+ post-fight show as well. He joked he wanted to put his bank account up against McGregor’s:

“Yeah. Put your bank account against my bank account. He’ll see my bank account and be like, ‘Oh I spend that at the bar.’”

But he was serious about the fight, repeating his target date of July 6’s International Fight Week:

“July 4th, Conor McGregor, let’s go! I can bring my boat, I can bring the Harleys, I can have fun in Vegas.”