Dillon Danis attacks UFC Champ Sean Strickland in Expletive-Filled Social Media Post

Sean Strickland Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis reignited his rivalry with reigning UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland.

Danis and Strickland are certainly no strangers when it comes to trading insults online and in interviews. Earlier this year, the BJJ specialist revealed a series of messages between the two where Strickland encouraged Danis to take his own life.

The whole world thinks you’re a joke…you gotta look yourself in the mirror at night and know that most people on this planet dislike you…. if you ever wanted to check out one day…Well no one would blame you for taking that way out…in a lot of societies that is the honorable thing to do in your situation,” Strickland said in the exchange.

Shortly after Sean Strickland’s shocking performance against Israel Adesanya to claim the 185-pound crown at UFC 293, Danis called for a fight with the often-controversial MMA star saying, “Give me him next” accompanied by a trash can emoji. That resulted in Danis getting flamed by Strickland and fight fans alike on social media.

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Danis is at it once again, taking aim at ‘Tarzan’ in another expletive-filled attack.

Bro @SStricklandMMA shut your fucking mouth before I fucking come to Vegas and stomp it in myself you fucking neo nazi,” Danis wrote on X.

It’s unclear as to what prompted the sudden outburst directed at Sean Strickland, but it’s safe to say that the two outspoken competitors are far from done taking jabs at one another.

The intense History between Dillon Danis and Sean Strickland

Their feud dates back as far as 2021 when Dillon Danis threw some shade at Sean Strickland after ‘Tarzan’ deleted a post during a social media interaction. “Little boy couldn’t take the heat [and] deleted his post,” Danis wrote. “Never come at the king.”

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That spurred a rather intense response from Strickland.

“I don’t know if you’re joking or not? Like, I’d kill you,” Strickland replied in a private Instagram message posted by Danis. “Not metaphorically speaking. Clearly, I don’t want to go to prison but if me and you met up and I had one free pass, I’d take your soul. I’d show you your own blood before I turned your mind off for good. It would bring me great joy to take your life with my bare hands. Again, I’d never do it or threaten you but you understand that to me, you’re just a baby lamb put on this Earth to be eaten. You understand this right? You’re prey.

“Again, this isn’t a threat, clearly I’d never do this is [sic]. I’m just making a point that you’re like a baby lamb to me. The fact that you’re not my food is a testimony to civilization that it has been created in such a way to where you’re able to walk this Earth as a lamb pretending to be a wolf with impunity. Odd thought” (h/t MMA Mania).

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