DeAnna Bennett & Melinda Fabian Fight to Majority Draw

DeAnna Bennett
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DeAnna Bennett and Melinda Fabian simply didn’t do enough to pull off a win.

The second bout on the main card of “The Ultimate Fighter” 26 Finale featured women’s flyweight action. Bennett and Fabian did battle inside the Park Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fabian was able to land a clean counter punch off a leg kick. Bennett sensed danger and immediately tied up her opponent. Fabian had no answer for the control. Referee John McCarthy broke the fighters up due to a lack of action.

Fabian went for the kicks and punch combinations right away. A left hand found the mark for Bennett and she pressed her opponent against the fence. Once again, Fabian had no idea how to break free of the clinch. Bennett locked in a front choke, but couldn’t get anything. Fabian landed a clean head kick, but hesitated to jump in as the round came to a close.

Early in round two, Fabian landed an uppercut. Again, Bennett drove forward and pressured her opponent against the fence. The action was non-existent. Fabian had a point taken away for grabbing the fence.

The third round was underway and Fabian looked a bit more hesitant to strike due to the grappling. Bennett caught a kick and we were right back to the fence. They separated for once, but once again Bennett pushed her opponent towards the fence. Fabian landed a lead elbow late in the round. They scrambled with Bennett on top to end the fight.

Two of the three judges scored the fight as a draw.

Final Result: DeAnna Bennett & Melinda Fabian Fight to Majority Draw (29-27, 28-28, 28-28)

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