Dana White Is Securing A Private Island To Host Fights On

Dana White

Dana White has revealed he is close to “securing” a private island to host fights on during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The UFC President revealed the news while speaking with TMZ Sports about the venue he will use for UFC 249. Although he didn’t reveal where it is, White stated he has use of the venue for two months and will be putting on weekly events starting from April 18, he said.  

“I locked this venue up for two months. I have this venue for two months and I’m setting up shop here. We’re going to be pumping out fights every week.”

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The venue is US based and due to travel restrictions, the majority of international fighters won’t be able to reach the venue. White has a solution for that too. He says he’ll use a private island to host international fights, Once again he didn’t reveal exactly which island it is or where about in the world it will be, he said.

“I’m a day or two away from securing a private island. I have a private island that I’ve secured. We are getting the infrastructure put in now so I’m going to start doing the international fights too with international fighters. I won’t be able to get the international fighters, all of them into the US, so I have a private island. I’m going to start flying them all into the private island and do international fights from there. So, as of Arpil 18th the UFC is back up and running.

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White went on to promise all fighters and other people in attendance would undergo strict medical testing before the event and would have excellent medical care during and afterward too, he said.

“Everybody is going to be pre-tested. Tested and tested and tested. We are going to make sure 100 percent healthy athletes, healthy athletic commission people, healthy judges, referees, my production people. Everybody there is going to be healthy. We are going to make sure everybody there is going to be safe before, during and after the fight.”

What do you think of Dana White “securing” a private island to keep UFC events going?

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