Dana White Not Concerned Over Criticism For Supporting Donald Trump

Dana White

Dana White doesn’t care what people think of him supporting Donald Trump ahead of the US election this November.

For years now, White and Trump have been friends and on Thursday, the UFC president will speak at the Republican National Convention. Although politics is something many can’t agree on, Dana White doesn’t care about any of the backlash he is getting for supporting Trump and speaking at the convention.

“That sh*t doesn’t bother me,” White told reporters, including MMA Junkie, on Tuesday night in Las Vegas (via MMAJunkie). “Listen, this is America. Everybody has their own opinions and their own choices. I know that sometimes people go after you because of whatever, but everybody knows me. Everybody knows what I’m about, and you know. I don’t know. Talk to me after the speech.”

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Donald Trump allowed the UFC to host events at his casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey when not many places would allow UFC events. From then on, he has been a supporter of the mixed martial artist promotion and was part of the opening package of the UFC 249 pay-per-view and was at UFC 244 in New York City.

Given their friendship was long before Trump was a politician, Dana White doesn’t care what people think of him speaking at the convention.

“I don’t give a sh*t. I don’t care what people think of me or what they think,” White said. “The people that know me know who I am and know what I’m about. Other than that, I (couldn’t) care less. There’s tons of guys that hate Trump, whether it’s celebrities or whatever, and I’m cool with all of them. We’re all cool. Like I said, the people who know me, know me, and the people who don’t all judge me anyways. It doesn’t matter to me. I (couldn’t) care less.”