UFC CEO Dana White gifted $500,000 after Nelk Boys go on ‘Insane’ Gambling Streak at Las Vegas Casino

Dana White

Dana White left a Las Vegas casino with $500,000 in his pocket courtesy of his Nelk Boys buddy SteveWillDoIt.

The UFC CEO has a long history of exchanging big money gifts with the online pranksters. In late 2021, the social media star surprised White with a $300,000 Maybach van. Months later, White returned the favor by gifting Steve’s fellow Nelk Boy, Kyle Forgeard, $250,000 for his birthday.

Keeping the trend going, SteveWillDoIt gifted White half a million dollars in casino chips after going on a once-in-a-lifetime run at the tables.

“So I’m here at Red Rocks right now, it’s f*cking 2:30 in the morning or whatever,” White said in a post on his Instagram stories. “Formula 1 just ended, I’m here with Taylor Lewan from ‘Bussin With The Boys’ on Barstool and Steve Will Do It from the Nelk Boys. These two just won a half a million dollars, these are $25,000 chips. Half a million dollars, and gave it to me. They are f*cking lunatics.

“It started with $10,000,” White continued. “These two started with $10,000 and went on a mission to win me a half-million dollars … and they did it. F*cking unbelievable. Any of you that really actually gamble, the odds of winning $500,000 off $10,000? It’s gotta be a million to one. The odds are — it’s f*cking impossible. Literally impossible. They did it.”

Taylor Lewan made mention of SteveWillDoIt’s gambling hot streak on social media.

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“Just had the most insane gambling experience in my life with Stevewilldoit,” he wrote. “I’m not exaggerating when I say it was a movie. It might not ever be done again in the history of time.”

There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing a millionaire gift an exorbitant amount of money to another millionaire.