Dada 5000 will not be competing in Bare Knuckle Boxing due to heart attacks during Kimbo Slice fight

Dada 5000

Dada 5000 will not be competing in his scheduled bare-knuckle boxing match.

Following his showdown in Bellator against Kimbo Slice in 2016, Dada 5000, AKA Dhafir Harris, was transported to the hospital at the end of this bout due to suffering two heart attacks during the fight. Originally, it was a TKO win for Kimbo, but it was later changed to a No Contest due to Kimbo testing positive for nandrolone and an elevated testosterone level.

Since this 2016 fight, the Miami fighter Dada 5000 has not returned to action. However, he booked a date with a BYB Extreme Fighting Series for a bare-knuckle boxing bout. Florida State Fairgrounds on November 19 would host BYB 13: Tampa Brawl For It All featuring the Florida resident fighter against Matthew Stickland, who has a 0-1 record in bare-knuckle boxing. However, despite the announcement, it would not come to pass.

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Florida State Athletic Commission Says No to Dada 5000

Dhafir Harris, AKA Dada 5000, was not approved by the Florida State Athletic Commission for this November boxing showdown. Due to his multiple heart attacks during the 2016 Kimbo fight, he is indefinitely suspended. The Florida Athletic Commission explained, “Dhafir Harris is currently indefinitely suspended by the Texas Athletic Commission. Mr. Harris will not be competing at the event in November.” Texas and Florida and different jurisdictions, but athletic commissions normally respect each other’s rulings with the objective to be in favor of fighters’ safety.

Dada 5000 says he still wants to compete. In an interview, he said:

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“I have a lot left inside of me and can be a breath of fresh air to what has become a very stale fight game. I’m one of the last of that original breed of modern mixed martial artists. I’m recognizable, and people identify with what they are familiar with. I want to do this for the fans as much as for myself.”

On November 19, BYB 13: Tampa Brawl For It All will proceed as planned, but Dhafir Harris will not be participating.