This evening, Conor McGregor took it upon himself to respond to a variety of topics to fans online.

He addressed things like saying he was ‘quite fine’ when a fan told him to go back to his roots because he was ‘a mess.’ Many other questions came from his many other fans, and McGregor answered them with gusto.

Of course, his long-running rivalry with Khabib Nurmagomedov and his teammates came up as well. McGregor was asked how many Proper Twelve Irish Whiskies he would raise when his own teammate Artem Lobov beat Paulie Malignaggi in Bare Knuckle FC.

McGregor replied that it would be a lot. But he said it would not be as many as when they ”took out’ Khabib’s friend and teammate Zubaira Tukhugov, who slapped McGregor in the UFC 229 post-fight brawl, during his impromptu Twitter Q&A:

McGregor’s suspension from the brawl is in the past, but both Nurmagomedov and Tukhugov remain banned. Khabib has stated he will not return to fight until Tukhugov and his brother Abubakar’s suspensions are up.

Yet despite McGregor being eligible to fight, his UFC return is unknown. Based on his long-winded, personal Twitter war with Khabib last week, he’s looking to get that fight. It would do big business, but there’s little to suggest it would go any differently than the first fight.

‘Big’ and ‘business’ are the key words there, and it seems McGregor isn’t letting go of the feud. For that reason, don’t be surprised to see him rematch Khabib. Could Tukhugov join Lobov in Bare Knuckle FC?