Conor McGregor Promises To Prove Khabib Isn’t Best Grappler In UFC

Noah K. Murray for USA TODAY Sports
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Conor McGregor has been seemingly stirring up a pot of trouble everywhere he goes lately.

There was the double-felony arrest in Miami Beach for which he’ll face trial on May 13. Then there was the short-lived ‘retirement’ no one believed. There were the investigations for both sexual assault and an alleged battery in his native Dublin, Ireland.

And of course, there was the incredibly personal Twitter war with long-standing rival Khabib Nurmagomedov last week.

McGregor has since changed course at least somewhat and declared he wanted to welcome his fans of all faiths and backgrounds. He also appeared to ‘un-retire’ in the same tweet. But his bitter beef with Khabib rages on. It could absolutely do so until the two meet in their inevitable – although perhaps not deserved – rematch.

Proving that, McGregor threw more shade at Khabib on Twitter today, although in a bit more under-the-radar way. When a fan complimented his mixed martial arts record and justified his losses, the infamous Irish star thanked him. However, he “highly disagreed” with the fan’s claim that Khabib was the best grappler in UFC history:

“Thank you! However having felt it in there, I highly disagree with the “best grappler in the UFC” comment regarding Khabib. My solely defensive guard was not passed until round 4. I, along with my team, overrated his grappling greatly. The rematch will show all.”

A Better Plan The Second Time Around?

McGregor’s longtime head coach John Kavanagh has repeatedly claimed he wishes they would have taken a much more offensive mindset in the anticipated first fight at last year’s UFC 229.

Indeed McGregor spent much of the match-up on his back foot attempting to defend takedowns. He was then taken down and destroyed when he was unable to mount anything resembling an attack from his back.

Nurmagomedov submitted him in the fourth round via neck crank and history was made. ‘The Eagle’ currently sits with a glaring, undefeated record of 27-0 as he waits for his suspension from the post-fight brawl that followed to expire.

Based on his track record, many fans might agree that Khabib is not only the best grappler in the UFC right now, but of all-time. Where do you stand on the subject?

And will McGregor be able to prove his doubters wrong if and when they fight once again?