Conor McGregor wants to be the Joe Rogan of Dana White’s Power Slap League

Conor McGregor power slap

The Irish-born MMA superstar Conor McGregor is impressed with Dana White’s Power Slap League and wants to do more with it.

The former two-division UFC world champion made some analyzing posts on Twitter for the organization and offered:

“I could potentially be the Joe Rogan of Power Slap.”

Conor McGregor breaks down Dana White’s Power Slap League

While Dana White‘s Power Slap League has received a lukewarm welcome from fans and media, ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor has been loving it. On Twitter, he gave some analysis breaking down the matches. He said:

“If anything, power slap is showing the importance of turning back your shoulder and torquing your torso into the shot. “Turning of the hip” potentially the wrong terminology being used. Hips less important? Possible also. Turn your shoulder back and torque fully into strike! K.O.”

‘The Notorious’ added:

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“Stabilize the hips. Turn the shoulder. Torque the torso. KO! Where’s my belts and my cash. Yup the Keano fella hahahaja! Classic.”

Conor McGregor also discussed how best to absorb a slap. He explained:

“Interesting question. It would have to be better to take it relaxed. However, with eyes fully on the slap at all time. 100%! Full awareness with a relaxed brace I would say is best. Then all you can do is pray the opponents sum of force x velocity is less than needed.”

Conor McGregor is an MMA superstar who once held the featherweight and lightweight titles in the UFC. Famed for his punching power, he had a blockbuster boxing match against all-time great Floyd Mayweather Jr. McGregor did not compete in 2022 due to a leg injury sustained in a Dustin Poirier fight in 2021 but is likely to return to the octagon in 2023.