Conor McGregor: I’m Going To Rip Chad Mendes’ Head Off

Conor McGregor

UFC featherweight rivals Conor McGregor and Chad Mendes will settle the score at UFC 189, in what has turned out to be a pretty sweet booking for the fans. Perhaps not so much for the promotion, but maybe it’s time we got what we actually wanted for a change. The interim title has been put in place in the champion’s absence, adding a little more weight to the feud between ‘Money’ and McGregor.

Mendes may have his work cut out for him against the taller brawler, but that hasn’t stopped him in the past. ‘The Notorious’ is obviously pumped for this one, and he tells Sportscenter via FOX Sports that the result will be the same, regardless of the recent change of opponent:

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“I am confident going in against any man on the roster. I feel I am number one on the roster. That is why an opponent change does not matter,” McGregor said. “Essentially the opponent is an illusion in there. It’s you versus you, so it doesn’t matter who is across from me July 11. I will charge forward, I will put the pressure on, and I will get the victory.”

“I’m gonna demolish him. I’m gonna rip his head off,” McGregor said.

“I’ll give Mendes — I feel the two of them are similar — I feel four minutes of the first round. Like I said, the opponent is an illusion. The shots I have visualized landing on Jose, I visualize landing on Chad also. I feel the outcome will be the same. Four minutes of the first round, Chad will be unconscious.”

After famously claiming he’d rest his balls on Chad’s forehead, you have to give McGregor the mental edge in the trash talk. The same edge, in the Irish star’s opinion, that he held over Jose Aldo:

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“I just feel he was beaten mentally before I had the chance to beat him physically,” McGregor said. “I felt even through the world tour and all the buildup he was looking for his way out, and thankfully for him, his coach and his team, they have found their way out.”

“If a man is scared for his life, we cannot force him to step inside and face me, I feel (Aldo) is afraid. The doctors have cleared him to fight, it’s a bruise, but he has still pulled out. So rightfully so, the belt should be taken from him and we should contest for the interim belt, or in my opinion, the real belt.”

Classic McGregor there, you can see why this guy is so easy to promote, he does it by himself. The question is now can he sew himself in to championship status, or will his title hopes come crashing down against the Team Alpha Male wrestler/striker? Perhaps Mendes plans on dragging this fight in to deeper waters, or maybe he wants to come out like a truck.

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Either way, this fight is going to be awesome.