Video – Conor McGregor makes journey to Glacier 3000 in Switzerland: ‘Who gets high like the Mac daddy?’

Conor McGregor makes journey to Glacier 3000 in Switzerland who get higher than the Mac Daddy

Like the rest of humanity, Conor McGregor has always been on a journey. However, some people’s journeys in life are arguably much more interesting than others. For example, earlier today, the UFC mega-star posted a funny video while walking the steps of Glacier 3000, the literal highest vantage point over the French Alps.

The video begins with McGregor waving his camera around in the doorway of these stairs, presumably at the threshold of the stairs being inside a building instead of out and exposed to the elements. A light dusting of snow and frost covers the steps, and condensation hangs in the air (presumably from McGregor’s body heat and breath reacting with the chilly air).

Conor McGregor Glacier 3000

Come on, look,” Conor McGregor proclaims to all in his company. What follows is some unintelligible words by the former double champ as he proceeds out into the elements and into the frosty air. The ambiance of these icy stairs into the sky is very enrapturing, and the air surrounding the stairs is shrouded in a thick fog, obscuring much of the view.

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As Conor McGregor turns the camera onto himself, he can be seen wearing a black and yellow Stout Forged hat adorned with a grey ‘McGregor Fast’ Under Armour hoodie. “Who gets higher than the Mac Daddy?” He asks seriously, now lightly jogging up the steps.

conor jose penuela

Conor McGregor hits Glacier 3000 and shares the ambiance with the world

As the camera turns back towards the outside world, McGregor can be heard telling some child (presumably one or more of his four children): “Come on, we’ve got this.”

The incline and altitude seem to have taken the wind from the former double champ, and he wheezes his way further up the steps. Much to the chagrin of fans in the comment section, who claim this is an indicator that McGregor is indulging in his lavish lifestyle and vices far too much.

Conor UFC 2

“Let’s see how high we go,” Conor McGregor says as he plods up the steps. “…To the bridge, and then we walk back.” A child’s voice can be heard in the background, but it is hard to determine what they are saying.

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“Oh, f*ck me,” McGregor says as he slowly pants his way up the icy concrete steps. Eventually, the former double champion turns the camera behind himself and shows his family. He walks with two of his children, as well as his wife and what can be assumed to be a family friend. “How do you feel?” The UFC mega-star asks.

The camera exposes some more of the view, and while thick fog still obscures the greater scenery, some icy rocks can be seen near the stairs. More words are said, but between the panting and the wind, they are lost.

Eventually, McGregor and his wife reach the bridge and are in awe of how wobbly it is. As McGregor walks across, he can be heard again saying: “Who gets higher than the Mac Daddy?”

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How do you feel about Conor McGregor frolicking in the French Alps when he couldn’t even show up for his fight with Michael Chandler?