Conor McGregor claims Dustin Poirier “Didn’t know where he was” after their last fight

Conor McGregor

The last fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier was almost a year and a half ago, but it seems to still be as fresh in McGregor’s mind as it was the day after.

The Irish superstar has lobbed many insults and brought various arguments to light about why things ended the way they did. Now, he’s back at it again with a fresh take on things.

Poirier and McGregor last clashed at UFC 264 in July of 2021. It was the trilogy fight, and coming into the bout, the two were 1-1 with each other. The men exchanged many heated blows, but McGregor’s tibia broke with less than 10 seconds left in the first round. The doctors would stop the fight, and Poirier would be crowned the victor.

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Conor McGregor claims Dustin Poirier was “in space” during their last fight

Recently, McGregor would bring up the fabled trilogy fight once again. This time to say that he firmly believes the fight was going his way before the injury, and that his own strikes on ‘The Diamond’ had him lost in space.

“He was in space the last fight, he didn’t know where he was when giving his speeches and interviews. That fight was going only one way. I had the quad chewed up,” McGregor claimed. “The stand-up was even, he landed not one shot. Look at the velocity of the shots coming at him. He was in space post-fight. Smelly brown writing a novel post-fight so they please god won’t have to go through it again, but they will have to. Think goat fed to god.”

“I took not one calf kick in the trilogy,” Conor McGregor continued. “Trust me they won’t be getting given for free again. Little w****r kicks they are. If you can’t kick, kick the calf.”

Responding to fans who claimed the fight was in fact not going his way before the injury, ‘The Notorious’ said: “That’s dribble, and you know it. Time will show. I’ve beat everyone I’ve fought multiple times in the UFC. I’m the boss of the business.” (H/T The Mirror)

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