Colby Covington Advises Dustin Poirier To Get A Paternity Test: ‘Conor’s The Daddy’

Colby Covington

Colby Covington is once again crossing the line with his trash talk. This time he’s took aim at Dustin Poirier’s family, claiming Conor McGregor is the father of his five-year-old daughter at the UFC 272 Press Conference.

“Hey Jorge [Masvidal], are you still friends with Dustin [Poirer] or you backstab him too? You still friends with Dustin or you backstab him? Hey, I’m trying to give you some friendly advice… Dustin’s kid sounds like he’s got an Irish accent. I just wanna make sure Dustin gets a paternity test. Conor’s the daddy.”

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Masvidal fired back claiming that Covington was trying to build up a bout against Dustin Poirier as he knew he would lose come Saturday night.

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Covington has previously trashed his former teammate, most notably in a December 2021 interview with The Schmo.

“I’m picking on a guy that said it’s ‘on sight’ in the media. He said when I see Colby, it’s ‘on sight.’ I wanna keep these guys held accountable for their street cred. They’re talking all this s*** in the media but when it’s time to do business and get in the cage and actually fight, they’re nowhere to be found. So Dustin, you’re a f***ing coward, your wife is a hoe and she has fake t**s on her chest, and you’re a piece of s*** father.” (Transcribed by Sportskeeda)

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With Poirier previously mentioning a potential move to Welterweight at this stage of his career, a matchup with Covington would seem plausible.

Do you think we’ll see Colby Covington vs Dustin Poirier in the future?