There is good news on the injury front for Anthony Pettis as he won’t require surgery on any of his injuries following UFC 241.

Pettis was outpointed by Nate Diaz in their UFC 241 co-main event this past weekend. “Showtime” notably injured his foot while attempting a leg kick on Diaz in the first round which compromised him for the remainder of the fight.

His official medical suspension of six months also mentioned a possible orbital fracture. However, according to his coach Duke Roufus, there is no need for surgery or any other procedures for both his injuries. Instead, Pettis just needs to focus on getting rest and recovery as he could make a December comeback.

“If healthy, maybe December, Las Vegas,” Roufus told MMA Fighting. “Here’s the thing, did he get the win? No. But man, you love to watch this guy fight. There’s something about his skills and most of the guys I train, especially the guys I train full time and a long time, is I try to teach them to be a promoter. That’s why I had a 20-year fight career and until recently I was even offered some fights, and I’m an old guy. Because you know what? I knew what this fight game’s about, entertainment.

“Sometimes you don’t win, but you entertain. There’s a lot of people out there fighting careful, going out there sparring, playing the system, kind of what Nate Diaz talks about. That’s why I really relate to what Nate Diaz talks about, these ‘real fighters.’ Not putting anyone down, I’m just saying the brand of fighting that I instill in a lot of my guys, they’re doing well and having great careers and it’s exciting. … I think that’s what’s exciting about Anthony. You’re waiting, ‘will he pull it out?’ He doesn’t win every time, but man, he sure gives the fans some fights.”

Do you agree with Roufus? Who do you want to see Pettis face at welterweight next now that he’s 1-1 in the division?