Chuck Liddell Recalls Bar Fight Against Navy SEALs: “Bounced His Face Off The Ground”

Chuck Liddell

UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell sat down with Steve-O for a conversation where they discussed the infamous incident.

Before he was an MMA legend, Chuck Liddell was working as a bartender in the San Luis Obispo area of Central California. Although he was still training in the sport, Liddell would double as security in the bar.

Chuck Liddell’s fight with Navy SEALs

In a recent appearance on Steve-O’s podcast, the ‘Iceman’ spoke about his experiences as a fighter and his time working at the establishment. Upon the request of Steve’s buddy Chris Pontius from Jackass!, Steve-O asked Liddell to recount his popular encounter with a bunch of Navy SEALs.

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Liddell revealed his involvement in the whole scuffle.

“Yeah, that happened a long time ago,” Liddell said. “People ask (me) that all the time. For me, I wasn’t involved in most of it. The first time they came in, all the guys that were training with me that were normally working at that bar were in Hawaii with us. Because we all went to Hawaii, the whole fight team.

“And Gan McGee was still there (former training partner), he was 6’10” and almost 300 pounds and he fought for a UFC World Title at one point. But he was involved in it and he got cut over his eye, or he got a cut somewhere on his face I think.

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“Then a couple of his buddies were really pissed off and everyone’s mad about it. And then they (the Navy SEALs) showed up again two weeks later and so the guys (the bartenders/fellow fighters) got back at them.”

The moment Liddell steps in and “head snapped” one of the opponents.

“When I showed up, one of my buddies had a guy pinned. The only thing I did was I ran over and this guy’s hitting my buddy and the guy who started hitting my buddy had him pinned so I ran over and just head snapped the guy and bounced his face off the ground.” (h/t brobible).

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