Chan Sung Jung Only Medically Suspended 14 Days After UFC 273

Chan Sung Jung

Chan Sung Jung only received a 14 day suspension after being dominated by Alexander Volkanovski for four rounds at UFC 273.

The fight between the two was a one sided affair and Volkanovski landed over 150 strikes on ‘The Korean Zombie.’ Despite the amount of damage he absorbed from ‘Volk’s’ strikes, he was only given a 14 day medical suspension from the Florida State Boxing Commission. Volkanovski was handed the same amount of time for his suspension as well.

Jung was stopped in the fourth when veteran referee Herb Dean stood in and stopped the fight. Jung was still standing and absorbing strikes from the champ, but Dean clearly had seen enough of the one sided bout. The Korean Zombie is one of the toughest fighters in the entire organization, so it was not surprising when he said no to the doctor in between rounds about the possibility of stopping the fight.

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The fight was very similar to the bout between Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson. Ferguson went out on his shield and declined to be put out, but it had to be stopped while he was still standing. Both fighters looked outclassed against their opposition, but their toughness just made them continue to go forward.

Chan Sung Jung Is unsure what the future holds for him inside the cage.

He had said right after the fight that he was unsure what he was fighting for, if it wasn’t for the championship. Jung has gotten upset in the past when he has lost big fights. He went on record saying he gained a lot of weight after his devastating loss to Brian Ortega.

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Seeing ‘The Korean Zombie’ drop to his knees in disappointment and overcome by sadness was one of the most upsetting things the UFC has seen in a little while.

Do you believe that Chan Sung Jung should call it quits on his career?