Chael Sonnen Will Never Return To The UFC

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Former UFC title challenger turned analyst Chael Sonnen is still dealing with his two-year-suspension that he was handed after testing positive for multiple performance-enhancing-drugs (PEDs) back in 2014.

But that suspension ends in 2016, and the questions have already begun to surface regarding a potential return for “The American Gangster”.

Despite the fact that Sonnen is one of the biggest stars in the history of the sport, possibly due to his mic skills more than anything, it seems as if his suspension would end near the time that UFC 200 is scheduled to go down next summer. Although that would be a grand stage for “The American Gangster” to make his return, he shut down any chance of that on a recent edition of the MMA Hour:

“I am not coming back,” Sonnen said.

Although he won’t be making that walk to the Octagon ever again, Sonnen does admit that he has thought about it:

“Am I getting the itch?” Sonnen said. “Man, I never really lose it. When I go to bed at night, I do still fantasize about that. But I fantasize about a lot of things.”

While he may sometimes get that “itch”, Sonnen once again firmly shut the door on returning to active competition:

“I won’t be back,” Sonnen stressed.

From a financial stand point, Sonnen definitely doesn’t have to make a return to fighting, as he holds current positions both as a color commentator for World Series of Fighting (WSOF), as well as serving as an MMA analysts for ESPN.

As one of the most entertaining personalities that the sport has ever seen, Sonnen has definitely produced his fair share of memories, but it seems as if it may finally be the end of the road for one gangster from the streets of Oregon.

What is your favorite memory of Chael P. Sonnen?